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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Messaging is the broadcasting of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to consumer’s mobile phones. With varied uses for individuals, small business and large enterprises, we provide a trusted scalable platform that you can use to send from 1 to +1 million messages.

Why Bulk SMS?
  • It’s timeless.
  • It’s flexible.
  • It’s targeted.
  • It is high return.
  • It is low cost.
Why our Bulk SMS Solutions?
  • Lowest Cost
  • No Setup fees only pay for each SMS you send.
  • No initial Charges or premiums
  • No monthly Payments.
  • Send your brand name as the Sender / well branded messages
  • Instant SMS Delivery with Delivery status report.
  • All Kenya GSM + CDMA coverage
  • CCK verified and Certified / Each message must be approved by CCK first.
  • Each person has his own account where they can monitor the SMS
Our Bulk SMS system is ranked as one of the best solutions in the country with the following features:
Contacts Database A powerful contacts database builder tool that helps you store and arrange phone numbers of your customers or followers automatically. Contacts can be arranged as groups or departments. Each group can be renamed, contacts can be imported using excel or csv files. This also supports file/contacts downloads. Upto 10 fields for each contacts entry.
Delivery Reports Get accurate and detailed reports on the delivery status of all messages sent, e.g. sent messages, delivered, on queue etc. The reports are derived as per paramenters of the SMS status.
SMS Branding Send sms messages with the name of your organization.
Long Messages Get the most of sms messages; send long sms messages up to 480 characters.
Message Scheduling Compose messages and send them at a future date and time automatically by the system.
SMS Merge Automatically personalize all sent messages with the name of the recipient. For example, Dear John, Hello Mary or Hi Moses.
File to SMS Adding contacts from an Excel file has never been easier; simply add the file from your computer and import it onto the system. Advanced SMS with advanced paramenters are then generated for advanced and dynamic messaging.
Account Summary Shows a history of all the messages that you have sent and also lets you filter & download reports to an Excel file.
Pay with ease Pay for your SMS units via M-Pesa, cheque or Paypal.
Multiple Account Users Add account users or agents to help you administer your account.
  Alphanumeric Set Up & Maintenance Costs for all Mobile Service Providers
Set Up Cost Maintenance Fee
KES 9,000 N/A
What Are The rates per SMS

 (see the rates table below)

1-20,000 1.00
20,001 – 50,000 0.95
50,001-100,000 0.85
100,001 and above Call to Discuss

NB: All rates are exclusive of 16% VAT

Our API is able to send messages to every phone number in Kenya, and almost any phone number in the world. Our pricing is based purely on your usage; there are no setups or monthly costs.

The price per message depends on the top up amount and the destination of the message.

What is the length of the sender ID?

The sender name can as long as 11 characters including any spaces. For example, the word BulkSMS is 7 characters long and would fit into the sender name space. But the word Congratulation is 14 characters long and would be cut off at Congratulat.

How do I pay for SMS?
We have multiple payment options including online payments, bank transfers, Till Number  and Paybill. Please find our current price list on our http://www.business.oracom.co.ke/mobile-solutions.html
What is the minimum Bulk SMS Credits I can purchase?
You may purchase a minimum of 1000 units.
Do my SMS units expire?
No, your SMS units do not expire.
Do you deliver bulk SMS to all the networks in Kenya?
Yes, we deliver to all GSM networks in Kenya
Can I send international bulk SMS?
Yes, you can send SMS abroad, but we prefer if you notify us of the country before you send such SMS.
Is the price the same for bulk SMS sent abroad and to Kenya?
No, each country has its own set of networks and these have different prices.
How can I recharge my bulk SMS account so I can send more SMS?
You may recharge your account at anytime on any day. And you have at least four convenient, easy and, fast ways to choose from: Till Payment, online bank transfer, Pay Bill Payment, and bank deposit.
How about on weekends, can I recharge my bulk SMS account?
You can recharge your Bulk SMS account anytime, any day. Monday to Sunday 24 hours, 7 days a week.
What is Flash SMS?

Flash SMS is a type of SMS that appears immediately on the screen of the receiver’s phone and does NOT need to be stored in the phone’s inbox. It is mostly useful in emergency situations where you want the person who receives the SMS to read it just once and immediately.

What do you mean by one page of SMS?
One page of SMS is equal to 160 characters of normal text. If your SMS goes beyond 160 characters, it becomes 2 pages. And subsequently 3 pages for more that 306 characters, and so on.  
How many numbers can I send SMS to at once?
You may send SMS to up to 50,000 (fifty thousand) numbers at once. But we advice that you break it into smaller batches in order not to flood the networks.
Do you deliver two or more paged SMS together as a single long message?
Yes, if your message is more than 160 characters it will be put together as a long SMS. Note that this feature to some degree depends on how the receiving phone responds to put together SMS.
What of delivery reports; can I see and download the delivery reports for the bulk SMS I send?
Yes, we have one of the best interfaces which allows you to download all your delivery reports and analyse them in any way you want.
Can I change my password?

Yes, you are free to change your password at any time. To change your username we will need you to verify that you are the true owner of the email address first.

Can I schedule SMS so that it sends automatically without logging in?
Yes, we have a well built SMS scheduler system that sends your SMS automatically once the time you set is reached.
How will I know if the messages are delivered?
It's important to regularly maintain your contact list to ensure that you are not sending messages to invalid numbers. We provide you with real time delivery reports with details of message sent and their delivery status.
Can I take a trial of the services before I buy them?

Yes, we offer you a completely FREE demo so that you can try our services. Simply register online or contact us and we will set up a Free and Full Functional Demo Account for you

Do you offer technical Support?
Yes, technical support is available through email and phone. We have technical staff available 24 Hours a day. You can raise a support ticket to notify a problem with our tech support team
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