Bulk SMS for Businesses

Job scarcity is a serious issue today than ever before. Unemployment rate keeps rising with time, not only in Kenya or in Africa, but globally. As early as in 2012, a total of 200 million people were jobless- this is according to International Labour Organization (ILO). The situation has given this phrase, ‘be your own boss/employer’ higher credibility than it can host. In obedience to the call, both young and the older generation have embarked on businesses as a way of making ends meet.  Read More


Bulk SMS Campaign for Elections

Bulk SMS Campaign for Elections

alphyjumaMay 24, 2017 Share on Tumblr  Bulk SMS Service for election campaign facilitates moderate in election campaigns Now Political parties have shifted their strategies for election campaigns & political strategies from print to online media It is cost effective and effortless way to promote their candidate and their party among the public It enables ease communication with large Read MoreBulk SMS for Saccos

Bulk SMS for Saccos

alphyjumaDecember 6, 2014 Share on Tumblr  Oracom Kenya Web Solutions offers Bulk SMS for Saccos in Kenya This is a service that enables saccos to send mass SMSs to all of their members in a matter of seconds This is a time efficient, inexpensive, innovative way of communicating important information to members Consequently the saccos staff members save Read MoreBulk SMS for Banks

Bulk SMS for Banks

alphyjumaDecember 6, 20140  Share on Tumblr  We are a top Bulks SMS service provider in Kenya We offer Bulk SMS for Banks in Kenya Our Bulk SMS Solutions are cost effective per customer They  are tailor made to suit your needs and help you attain your customer service goals Are you looking for a cost effective way to Read More