Bulk SMS for Banks

We are a top Bulks SMS service provider in Kenya. We offer Bulk SMS for Banks in Kenya. Our Bulk SMS Solutions are cost effective per customer. They  are tailor made to suit your needs and help you attain your customer service goals.

Are you looking for a cost effective way to engage your large clients’ base?

Do you want to build and establish a long term relationship with your clients?

Look no further than here, Oracom Kenya Web Solutions offers you top notch Bulk SMS solutions.

Why go for Bulk SMS for Banks?

Cost Effective and Efficient

Bulk SMS provide efficient value added services at a marginal cost.


SMSs are a highly effective tool for communicating to an individual Messages


With our bulk SMS services there is automatic relay of all your critical information.


Based on the customer profile you can convey specific messages to all your clients


The message will always reach the intended client as they are always with their mobile devices.

Use of Bulk SMS for Banks

The banks can use SMS services in the following ways:

  • Notify customers on the changes in policy affecting the consumer, e.g. Interest rate.
  • Update members on the latest events, e.g. Branch opening.
  • Send Weekly/Monthly  account balances reminders
  • Publicize their latest promotions
  • Notify their clients on Salary credit/ Cheque deposit on their accounts
  • Communicate Balance below a specified limit.
  • Communicate to clients when they have exceeded their Credit limit.
  • Alert their clients on bouncing cheques
  • Reply to account balance enquiries.
  • Report lost/stolen card.
  • Issue stop payment notices.