Bulk SMS for Businesses

Job scarcity is a serious issue today than ever before. Unemployment rate keeps rising with time, not only in Kenya or in Africa, but globally. As early as in 2012, a total of 200 million people were jobless- this is according to International Labour Organization (ILO). The situation has given this phrase, ‘be your own boss/employer’ higher credibility than it can host. In obedience to the call, both young and the older generation have embarked on businesses as a way of making ends meet.

Starting a business is one thing, running it is another thing, but the most important part of the business is gaining from it. This is where marketing comes in. In order to acquire a brand name and get to position yourself rightly in the market, you must come up with a high notch product or service promotion strategy. There are various forms of marketing that one can employ for their businesses; however, most of these methods are expensive and hence unaffordable for SMEs.

Several businesses have ended up being closed down due to the recurrent losses. This can only be attributed to lack of knowledge rather than lack of finances; because there is a way out! Mobile marketing is one of the most cost-effective and easy to use brand promotion technique. Sending a message with a Sender identity and the recipient’s name grows a level of loyalty and trust with your customers.

Bulk SMS is one of the most used form of mobile marketing. There are a number of factors that make Bulk SMS more popular than other marketing techniques- the reason you should implement the same for your business. Following are some of the benefits of Bulk SMS:

  • As earlier stated, the use of specific identities of both the sender and the recipient is a form of branding for your product/service. This is because a person receiving the Bulk SMS addressing them by their names will develop a form of attachment and loyalty to the product. The fact that a message is left in their phones (unless one deletes it), acts as a constant reminder of your products. Winning such a person to purchase your product becomes very easy.
  • Bulk SMS is cheap. The cost of marketing to 10,000 people using Bulk SMS is incomparable to what one would be needed to pay to promote their products through the main-stream media.
  • It’s targeted. With Bulk SMS, you don’t need to send messages to people who are not your potential customers. You can choose to send your Bulk SMS to people in a certain region; in certain professions; of certain age group and so on. Your message gets to the right person saving you on expenditures and at the same time, increasing your chances of making sales.
  • It is fast with no chances of bounce-backs. Bulk SMS gets delivered in a matter of seconds. Even in situations where the recipient may not be connected at the moment the message is sent, they get to receive the message immediately they switch on their phones.
  • Bulk SMS is easy to use. You need no special skills to use Bulk SMS once your service provider gives you the basic training on the system.

Above are just but some examples of the many benefits of Bulk SMS. This makes it clear that every business needs to include the technique in their marketing strategy- it is already proven to be working positively for those who have already implemented it.