Bulk SMS for Churches

Did you know that you can utilize Bulk SMS for Churches to inform, edify and encourage your congregation, evangelize /conduct outreach and streamline administration?

bulk sms for churches

Why you need Bulk SMS for your church…

Churches have increasingly embraced modern easy efficient and more effective ways of communicating with their members win her souls, edify her members, and enhance spiritual growth among her membership.

Here are some of the ways they use Bulk SMS for Churches:

  1. Evangelize: Invite believers and non-believers to outreach programmes
  2. Mobilize members to participate in outreach programmes
  3. Follow up: Conduct follow up on new believers and nurture them to enhance their spiritual growth.
  4. Send Invites and Reminders to meetings to new members and to new converts.
  5. Conduct follow-up on for first-time church service visitors.
  6. Thank first time visitors and invite them to the next service or event.
  7. Nurture new converts: Bulk SMS makes it easier for you to feed the new converts, the word of truth to nourish their souls. Just a click of a button all the new converts can be reached.
  8. Daily devotional Bible Verse: Through this you can help the congregation to meditate upon the word of God.
  9. Corporate Prayer: Send to all members prayer items.
  10. Annual Bible Reading: Help your congregation to read through the entire bible in a year.
  11. Send time-sensitive information: At times you want to send out time-sensitive information for instance, event cancellation, meeting resolutions, and so on to your members, you don’t have to wait for the next meeting day. You can now do it instantly and it will get to all your members wherever they are.

We are available to meet to make the above a reality for your church. Click here to contact us for your Bulk SMS for Churches package.

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