Bulk SMS Resellers


Oramobile has designed the Bulk SMS Reseller Solution to provide our clients with an opportunity to resell SMS credits to their customers for individual and businesses. Oramobile Solutions has designed the Reseller Solution in Kenya and worldwide to provide our clients with the ability to resell SMS credits to their customers for individual and business purposes.


The reseller buys SMS credits from Oramobile Solutions and the reseller then sells the SMS credits at their own pricing to the clients with a profit margin. The reseller will ideally have many smaller clients rather than a few large clients, and the financial incentive is structured to this end.

With a  whitelisted account, the resellers are able to fully manage their clients, allocate them credits and help manage the clients accounts with full portal features. This also happens for Shortcodes. The reseller needs to collect payment from his/her clients. Note that the SMS credits do not expire.


Highlights of reseller system:

  • smsreseller1Readymade Website (No Programming Required).
  • Fully Branded Website under your name.
  • Create unlimited Users/Partners/Dealers.
  • Set your own pricing.
  • Create unlimited Sub-Resellers.
  • Provide API to your users to send sms.
  • A secure connectivity to our SMSC infrastructure
  • A corporate website
  • Web Interface to SEND SMS
  • Desktop Application
  • Admin Interface to add/delete/modify users.

Open your ORAMOBILE Solutions account and start using the Reseller Solution now. See our Rates

markWhite Label Panel with API markMulti Level Reseller
markSender ID branding markMultiple Routes Available
markMonitor User Activity markSender ID for Testing
PriceAlready an ORAMOBILE Solutions Reseller? We will match or improve on any prices! We offer Kenya’s most feature rich, fast, and reliable Bulk SMS and Shortcode services at a very fair price and range. Our web-based software is 100% free forever, you simply purchase top-up SMS and buy Sender ID as and when required. We use fast & quality connections to mobile networks to guarantee the fastest deliverability of your SMS.
markFast Delivery in Seconds markUser Friendly Interface & API’s
markSend to large SMS Once mark100% Delivery on Active Numbers
markSend Group, Scheduled SMS mark99.99% Server Uptime
markUpload from Excel file markAdd Ons: Short Code etc