Geo-Mapping & GIS Services

Geo-Mapping & GIS Services

For over 12 years, we have realized that the needs of the mobile industry keep changing and growing at a fast rate and we need to serve these demands. These is a huge demand to Empower your Mobile World with customized and Revolutionary software’s and solutions.

At Oramobile, innovation combined with experience and expertise has helped us to continually innovate and develop cutting edge solutions and services. We also continually invest in new technology and skill development to best serve the needs of our clients and the industry.

Oramobile Geo-Location is a solution specially designed to address two key needs of our customers; Data and Access. This tool allows users to easily access high resolution data collected and collated over the years while maintaining data privacy and confidentiality. The end product is a clear visible view of businesses and stores and how you can locate and reach them online.

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