What is the best way to send bulk SMS in Kenya?

Bulk text message services are one of the most innovative tools for engaging with customers. From offering coupons and announcing specials to running surveys and contests, Bulk SMS Marketing allows even small businesses to stay current & competitive.

Text message marketing is a powerful tool to communicate with consumers. Studies show that 75% of consumers actually want to receive texts with special offers, and these messages have an open rate 98 percentage points higher than emails or links in text messages clicked by 19%. We researched over 12 bulk SMS services for this review based on ease-of-use features scalability price.

How do I choose a bulk SMS provider in Kenya?

How Does Bulk SMS Services Work?

Bulk text message services provide businesses with three things: shortcodes, keywords, and a dashboard for managing messaging campaigns. A shortcode is the five- or six-digit code that customers can send messages to instead of having to dial area codes when wanting more information about whatever product they’re interested in buying from your company – this way there’s less customer contact since most people have their phones on them at all times! You get access via google maps so these “Call To Action” buttons show up online right away without needing any extra work upfront.

What is the price of Bulk SMS in Kenya – Shortcodes, USSD, Ring Back Tones Rates

A business can send a message to its customers that says, “Text DEALS to 76543 and get monthly coupons.” The word ‘DEALS’ is the keyword for this shortcode number–765433-and it will automatically be added into your mobile texting inbox every month with deals just waiting!

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